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FAQs About Us

This FAQ covers the details about our company and our courses.

Course Offerings

Q: What courses do you offer?
A: We offer a wide range of courses across various IT and cybersecurity subject matter. Our course offerings include subjects such as , information technology, information security, networking, security focused operating systems, digital forensics, cybersecurity attack and defense, etc.

Q: How can I find information about the courses you offer?
A: You can visit our website where we have detailed information about each course we offer. The course description includes an overview of the subject matter, learning objectives, prerequisites (if any), and other relevant details about the lessons and topics.

Q: Are your courses available online or in-person?
A: We understand that different learners have different preferences and requirements. Therefore, we provide both online and in-person options for most of our courses. The majority of our classes are online live instructor-led classes, however we do accommodate in-person training session on occasion. This allows students to choose the mode of learning that best suits their needs.

Q: Can I enroll in multiple courses at once?
A: Yes, absolutely! We encourage students to explore multiple areas of interest by enrolling in multiple courses simultaneously. However, it is important to ensure that you are able to manage your time effectively so that you can fully engage with each course. Also, course prerequisites ( if any) are required prior to enrollment.

Q: Do you offer any beginner level courses?
A: Yes, we believe in providing opportunities for learners at all levels. In addition to intermediate and advanced level courses, we also offer several beginner-level programs designed specifically for individuals who are new to a particular subject area. Contact us if you need help deciding where to start.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for your advanced level courses?
A: Some of our advanced level courses may require certain prerequisite knowledge or completion of specific foundational coursework. These prerequisites are mentioned clearly in the course descriptions on our website.

Q: Can I receive academic credit for completing your courses?
A: While our programs generally do not grant academic credits towards a degree program at this time, they provide valuable skills and knowledge which can enhance personal growth or professional development.

Q: How long does it take to complete a course?
A; The duration of our courses varies depending on the subject matter and level of complexity. Some courses may be completed within a few weeks, while others extend over several months. The specific duration is indicated in the course details.

Q: Are there any assessments or exams?
A: Yes, most of our courses include assessments and exams to evaluate your understanding and progress. These may take the form of quizzes, assignments, projects, or online examinations. The assessment criteria will be clearly communicated at the beginning of each course.

Q: Can I receive a certificate upon completion?
A: Yes! Upon successful completion of a course, you will receive a certificate as proof of your achievement. This certificate can be used to showcase your newfound skills and knowledge to potential employers or for personal satisfaction.

If you have any more questions about our course offerings that are not covered here, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you! Contact Us

Course Prices

Q: How much do your live-online instructor led courses cost?
A: The prices for our live-online instructor-led courses range from $499 to $2499. The specific price depends on factors such as the subject matter, course duration, and level of complexity.

Q: What are the prices for your in-person courses?
A: Our in-person courses are available at competitive prices ranging from $499 to $799. These prices reflect the quality of instruction, resources provided, and the overall learning experience you will receive.

Q: Do you offer payment plans or options to pay in installments?
A: Yes! We understand that investing in education is a significant decision. To make it more accessible, we offer flexible payment plans for certain courses. Please check the course details or contact us directly to inquire about available payment options.

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept payments through Stripe and PayPal, two widely trusted and secure online payment processing platforms. You can choose either of these methods during checkout on our website.

Q: Can Canadian students pay via e-transfer?
A: Absolutely! We understand that e-transfers are a popular method of payment among Canadian students. Therefore, we gladly accept e-transfers as a convenient option specifically for our Canadian learners.

Q: Do you accept checks or money orders as forms of payment?
A: No, we do not accept checks or money orders as forms of payment at this time. However, we provide multiple digital payment options such as Stripe and PayPal which ensure quick and secure transactions.

Q: Are there any additional fees associated with the course prices mentioned?
A: In most cases, the course prices include all necessary materials and resources required for successful completion. However, there may be some optional extras like textbooks or supplementary materials that may come at an additional cost on rare occasion.

Q: Are there any discounts available on your course prices?
A: Periodically, we offer special promotions and discounts on select courses. These can range from early-bird discounts to seasonal offers. To stay updated on any ongoing promotions or discounts, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter or following us on social media.

Q: What is your refund policy for course fees?
A: We have a transparent refund policy that allows students to request refunds within a specified timeframe before the course begins. The details of our refund policy can be found in our terms and conditions section on the website.

If you have any more questions regarding course prices or payment methods that are not covered here, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team. We are here to assist you! Request Support | Contact Us

Course Scholarship

Q: Do you offer scholarships for your courses?
A: Yes, we are proud to offer course scholarships as part of our commitment to making education accessible for everyone. We donate 10% of the proceeds from every course towards our scholarship fund.

Q: How can I apply for a course scholarship?
A: To apply for a course scholarship, interested students in need can fill out an application form available on our website. The form gathers necessary information about the applicant’s financial situation and their interest in the specific course they wish to pursue.

Q: What is the criteria for selecting scholarship recipients?
A: Our selection process takes into consideration both financial need and merit. While financial need is a significant factor, we also assess applicants based on their passion for learning and how they plan to utilize the knowledge gained through our courses.

Q: Can I receive a full course scholarship through this program?
A: Yes! Successful scholarship recipients have the opportunity to receive a full course scholarship up to $2499, covering the entire cost of tuition fees associated with that particular course.

Q: How often are scholarships awarded?
A: Scholarships are typically awarded on a regular basis throughout the year. The frequency may vary depending on factors such as available funding and the number of qualified applicants.

Q: Is there any limitation on applying for multiple courses under this scholarship program?
A: No, eligible students can apply for multiple courses using our scholarship program if they meet all other requirements. However, please note that each application will be evaluated independently based on its own merits.

Q: Are international students eligible to apply for these scholarships?
A: Yes, we welcome applications from both domestic and international students who demonstrate financial need and meet all other eligibility criteria outlined in our application process.

Q; Can I reapply if my previous application was not successful?
A; Absolutely! If your previous application was not successful in receiving a scholarship, you are encouraged to reapply for future course offerings. We believe in providing equal opportunities and encourage persistence.

Q: How will I be notified if I am selected as a scholarship recipient?
A: Once the selection process is complete, we will notify all scholarship recipients via email. Please ensure that you provide accurate contact information when submitting your application form.

Q: Can I donate towards the course scholarship fund even if I am not applying for a scholarship?
A: Yes, definitely! If you would like to support our mission of making education accessible, you can choose to make a donation towards our course scholarship fund. Your contribution will help us empower more students in need.

If you have any further questions regarding our course scholarship program that are not addressed here, please feel free to reach out to us directly. Contact Us

Course Length and Lesson Duration

Q: How long are the courses offered?
A: Our courses are designed to cater to a range of learning needs and schedules. They vary in length, starting from a concise 12-week format and extending up to a more comprehensive 6-month duration.

Q: What is the typical duration of each lesson?
A: The duration of each lesson in our courses can vary greatly. Some lessons can be completed in just a few minutes, while others may take several days. The length of each lesson depends on the complexity of the topic, the depth of the material covered, and the learning pace that you’re comfortable with.

Q: Are the quizzes in the courses timed?
A: The timing of quizzes in our courses is subject to our discretion. Some quizzes may be timed to assess your quick understanding and recall, while others may not have a time limit, allowing you to take them at your own pace.

Q: How is each course structured in terms of lessons and quizzes?
A: Each course is comprehensively structured and includes multiple lessons. Every lesson is further divided into various topics to provide detailed and focused learning. Additionally, each course incorporates multiple quizzes designed to reinforce and assess your understanding of the material.

Q: Do you offer any options for students to expedite their course completion?
A: Yes, we offer challenge exams for students who wish to fast-track their learning process. These exams allow students with prior knowledge or experience in the course material to demonstrate their proficiency and potentially complete the course in a shorter timeframe.

Remember, our courses are tailored to provide flexibility and comprehensive learning experiences, ensuring you can progress at a pace that suits your personal and professional commitments. Contact us if you need answers to any other questions about our course and lesson duration. Contact Us

Instructor & Student Expectations

Q: What level of commitment is expected from students in IT and cybersecurity courses?
A: Our instructors expect a high level of commitment from students. This includes being prepared to face and overcome various challenges throughout the course. Success in the IT and cybersecurity field requires motivation, dedication, and perseverance, especially given the complex and ever-evolving nature of the technology sector.

Q: What can students expect from their instructors in terms of support?
A: Students can expect a full commitment from their instructors. Our teaching staff is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to help students understand course material, pass their exams, and prepare for professional roles in the IT and cybersecurity fields. Instructors are here to guide, teach, and motivate students every step of the way.

Q: How important is active participation in these courses?
A: Active participation is crucial for success in our courses. Instructors expect students to engage with the course materials, participate in discussions, and complete assignments and quizzes. This active involvement helps in better understanding the subjects and prepares students for real-world applications.

Q: Are there any specific expectations for students looking to advance their Microsoft Office skills?
A: For students focusing on Microsoft Office skills, instructors expect the same level of commitment and dedication. Mastery of these skills requires practice and engagement with the course materials, and instructors anticipate active participation and a willingness to learn.

Q: What should students expect in terms of workload and study time?
A: The workload and study time will vary depending on the course, but students should be prepared to allocate sufficient time outside of lessons for self-study, practice, and revision. Instructors expect students to take responsibility for their learning and manage their time effectively.

Q: How do instructors support students preparing for exams?
A: Instructors provide extensive support for exam preparation, including review sessions, practice exams, and tips on test-taking strategies. They are committed to helping students not only learn the material but also excel in their respective certification exams.

Remember, while our instructors are fully committed to supporting your learning journey, your success in these courses will largely depend on your own effort, engagement, and dedication to the field. Contact Us

Getting Certified & Getting Hired

Q: What happens after I pass the course and the respective certification exam?
A: Once you successfully pass the course and the associated certification exam, you’ll receive your official certification. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone in your professional journey and opens up various opportunities in the IT and cybersecurity fields.

Q: How does certification impact my job prospects?
A: Achieving certification greatly enhances your job prospects. It validates your skills and knowledge to potential employers, making you a more attractive candidate. Certified professionals often have access to better job opportunities, higher salaries, and more career advancement options.

Q: Can the certification help me get a job in my desired field?
A: Yes, certification is a powerful tool in securing a job in your desired field. It demonstrates to employers that you have the necessary skills and dedication. Many organizations prioritize certified individuals when hiring for IT and cybersecurity roles.

Q: Does your program offer any assistance with job placement?
A: While our program primarily focuses on education and certification, we offer guidance and resources to assist with job placement. This includes resume building, interview preparation, and networking opportunities with potential employers.

Q: What kind of roles can I expect to apply for after getting certified?
A: Depending on your area of certification and interest, you can apply for various roles in the IT and cybersecurity sectors, such as network administrator, cybersecurity analyst, systems engineer, IT support specialist, and more.

Q: Are there additional resources or support available for students after certification?
A: We provide ongoing support to our certified students, including access to alumni networks, continuous learning resources, and updates on the latest trends and technologies in the IT and cybersecurity fields.

Q: How important is it to continue learning and updating skills after certification?
A: In the fast-evolving field of IT and cybersecurity, continuous learning is crucial. Staying updated with the latest technologies, trends, and threats is vital for long-term success and career growth in this industry.

Remember, achieving certification is just the beginning. The real key to success in the IT and cybersecurity fields lies in your continuous effort to grow, learn, and adapt to new challenges and opportunities. Contact Us

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